FC Knits

Original knitting and crochet patterns by Fiona Campbell


Amigurumi Owl Adaptation


My daughter recently requested that I make her something Harry Potter themed. Inspiration saved me at the last-minute, when I decided my Mini Amigurumi Penguin would adapt very nicely into a speedy amigurumi owl! To make this version, you will need 8mm (US: L) and 5mm (US: 8/H) crochet hooks and assorted DK (US: worsted) yarns. I used […]


Rustic Jingles (Handbells)

Rustic Jingles Handbells

I’ve been browsing through percussion instruments on Amazon (one of my favourite websites) and marvelling at the cost of such delights as wooden sticks (claves) and empty boxes (cajons). Okay, I’m sure these things are expertly crafted and, in the hands of actual percussionists, sound really beautiful. However, my percussionists are small children and it occurred […]


Challenge & Liebster Love

Liebster Blog Award

So, my liebe readers, I’ve sent a bunch of random novelty yarns to a knitting Liebste, by way of a friendly challenge! Una is a pro at upcycling weird yarn so, if she can’t save it, I won’t feel the slightest guilt if it just gets recycled. :) If nothing else, let this be a […]