Magic Loop Photo Tutorial

This photo tutorial will walk you through casting on for crochet with a magic loop – also known as a magic circle or magic ring. (Not to be confused with the magic loop method of knitting! This is just for crochet.) It’s a great way to start crocheting in the round, for seamless projects. It is also heavily used in amigurumi projects, for shaping and to avoid unnecessary seams.

Magic Loop Instructions

1. Make a large, loose loop with your yarn.
2. Insert your hook into the circle, wrap and draw the working yarn through.

1. Magic Loop Photo Tutorial Step 1 2. Photo Tutorial Step 2

3. Now wrap the working yarn around your hook and draw it through the new loop on your hook.
4. This forms your slip knot (which would be your usual starting point, if you were making a chain).

3. Photo Tutorial Step 3 4. Photo Tutorial Step 4

5. Insert your hook into the circle, wrap and draw the working yarn through.
6. Wrap and draw the working yarn through both loops on your hook; this forms your first double crochet st (US: single crochet).

5. Photo Tutorial Step 5 6. Magic Loop Photo Tutorial Step 6

7. Continue hooking as many dc sts as required for your cast on.
8. When you’ve finished casting on sts, unravel and detangle the yarn tail from the circle.

7. Photo Tutorial Step 7 8. Photo Tutorial Step 8

9. Pull the yarn tail to close the circle.
10. Closing the magic loop will form a neat circle.

9. Photo Tutorial Step 9 10. Photo Tutorial Step 10

Teeny Tiny Circles

You could start your first round, at this point… or you could close the circle with a sl st, before starting the round or fastening off…

Magic Loop Photo Tutorial Step 11

Crochet i-Cord

Or you could use a small magic loop, 4 or 5 sts, to make a crochet i-cord.

Crochet i-cord

You know, whatever takes your fancy. Anyway, voilĂ : that’s how to do a magic loop for circular, in-the-round crochet. :)

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