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About FC Knits

FC Knits belongs to Fiona Campbell, a British knitting and crochet pattern designer and mom of two children. Since October 2012, Fiona Campbell has been blogging and designing original patterns and publishing tutorials, reviews, and themed articles. Connect with FC Knits on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Ravelry!

Media & PR

FC Knits has a social media presence on many platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Social media impact is excellent. FC Knits has good visibility both domestically and globally, with its primary audience in the UK and global interest driven by Ravelry and other social media sites.

The FC Knits brand is tied predominantly to family and craft themes, with a special interest in knitting and crochet. All adjacent lifestyle topics are suitable matches for the FC Knits brand - including parenting and education. Reviews, promotions, and other PR opportunities are welcome!

Website & Accessibility

This website has been hand-coded in HTML5 and CSS3. FC Knits believes in clean, standards-compliant, web code that is accessible to all readers.

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