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Crocheted Cherry Cake Slice

Crocheted Play Food Cherry Cake Slice

Needles: 5mm (US: H) crochet hook, darning needle (or small hook)
Yarn: DK (US: worsted) in various colours
Materials: toy stuffing
Yardage: negligible

Directions: Remember to add turning chains and join all rounds with a slip stitch. All directions in UK English; see abbreviations glossary for US English equivalents.

Cake Frosting

Row 1: ch2, slst into 2nd ch from hook [1 slst]
Row 2: 2dc [2 dc]
Row 3 (and all odd rows to row 9): dc all sts
Row 4: *2dc* twice [4 dc]
Row 6: 2dc, dc2, 2dc [6 dc]
Row 8: 2dc, dc4, 2dc [8 dc]
Row 10: dc8 BLO
Rows 11-15: dc8
Row 16: dc8 BLO
Rows 17: dc2tog, dc4, dc2tog [6 dc]
Row 18: dc6
Row 19: dc2tog, dc2, dc2tog [4 dc]
Row 20: dc4
Row 21: *dc2tog* twice [2 dc]
Row 22: dc2tog [1 dc]
Finish off, and trim the yarn tails.

Cake Slice

Work 6 rows of dc15 – either in a single colour, or with a contrasting colour for rows 3-4 to represent jam or buttercream. Finish off, and trim the yarn tails.

Cherry on Top

Rnd 1: magic loop of 3 dc sts [3 dc]
Rnd 2: *2dc* 3 times [6 dc]
Finish off, leaving a long tail for sewing.

Similar to Play Food Sandwich, you now have an elongated diamond shape (frosting). The BLO rows mark the edges of the cake frosting, so you know where to fold the frosting piece. Use a small crochet hook (recommended) or a darning needle (if you prefer) to attach the cake to the frosting. I used a 3.5mm (US: E) hook to dc around the edges, working 3dc into the corners and 1dc along the straights. Stuff the cake slice just before you finish joining the last edge. Use the cherry’s long tail yarn, to sew it somewhere on the top frosting.


BLO = back loop only
ch(s) = chain(s)
dc = double crochet (US: single crochet)
dc2tog = double crochet 2 sts together
slst = slip stitch
st(s) = stitch(es)

Legacy Pattern 2013-2015

In honour of National Crochet Month 2015, this pattern was refreshed on February 25, 2015. It was redesigned to look neater and to be easier to construct. Below is the original legacy pattern from July 4, 2013.

Frosting triangles worked as 3 rows of dc5, then
Row 4: dc2tog, dc3
Row 5: dc2tog, dc2
Row 6: dc2tog, dc1
Row 7: dc2
Row 8: dc2tog

Back frosting as 8 rows of dc5. Cake as 8 rows of dc14. Cherry, the same as refreshed pattern. Assembly, approximately the same as refreshed pattern; begin by joining frosting pieces, then join the cake and attach the cherry. Stuff as you go.