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Pebble Hedgehog

This free crochet hedgehog pattern is quick to hook and features fun, tactile, puff stitches. Pebble is a baby hedgie; you can see his big brother, Hector Hedgehog, listed on the paid patterns page.

Needles: 4mm (US: G) hook, darning needle
Yarn: DK in 3 colours
Materials: toy stuffing
Yardage: negligible

Pebble HedgehogDirections: Remember to add turning chains and join all rounds with a slip stitch. Use a turning chain of ch1 for htr and puff. All directions in UK English; see abbreviations glossary for US English equivalents.

Nose, with black yarn:
Rnd 1: magic loop of 6 htr sts [6 htr]
Face, with beige yarn:
Rnd 2: *2htr, htr* twice [10 htr]
Rnd 3: *2htr, htr4* twice [12 htr]
Rnd 4: *2htr, htr2* 4 times [16 htr]
Body, with brown yarn:
Rnd 5: htr, *puff, htr* 4 times, htr7 [12 htr, 4 puff]
Sew face, with satin stitches.
Rnd 6: *puff, htr* 4 times, htr2tog, htr4, htr2tog [10 htr, 4 puff]
Rnd 7: *puff, htr* 3 times, htr2tog, htr4, htr2tog [9 htr, 3 puff]
Rnd 8: *puff, htr* twice, htr2tog, htr4, htr2tog [8 htr, 2 puff]
Fill hedgehog with toy stuffing.
Rnd 9: htr2tog 5 times [5 htr]
Rnd 10: go through 1st and 4th stitches with a slst, ch3, go through those 1st and 4th stitches again with another slst

Fasten off and weave in ends.

If you like this free crochet pattern, Pebble Hedgehog, you'll love Hector Hedgehog! Hector is the larger companion to Pebble, with tactile popcorn prickles instead of puff stitch spikes.


ch(s) = chain(s)
htr = half treble (US: half double crochet)
htr2tog = half treble 2 stitches together
puff = puff st of 4 treble stitches (US: double crochet sts)
slst = slip stitch
st(s) = stitch(es)