FC Knits

Original Free Patterns

Discover one of the many FC Knits original free crochet and knitting patterns. Click on a photo to go directly to the pattern page!

Free Crochet Patterns

Crochet Play Food Cherry Cake Slice Crochet Heart Keyring Crochet Kirsty Doll Crochet Mini Penguin Crochet Mini Petal Plastic Bag Saver Crochet Pebble Hedgehog Crocheted Play Food Sandwiches Crochet Rhianna Bucket Bag Crochet Simple Tree Mittens

Free crochet patterns currently available: Cherry Cake Slice; Heart Keyring; Kirsty Doll; Mini Penguin; Mini Petal Plastic Bag Saver; Pebble Hedgehog; Play Food Sandwich [Crochet]; Rhianna Bucket Bag; Simple Tree Mittens [Crochet].

Free Knitting Patterns

Knitted Cabled Mug Cozy Knitted Diamond Pattern Soap Sock Knitted Kawaii Tooth Knitted Play Food Sandwich Knitted Simple Tree Mittens

Free knitting patterns currently available: Cabled Mug Cosy; Diamond Pattern Soap Sock; Kawaii Tooth; Play Food Sandwich [Knitted]; Simple Tree Mittens [Knitted].

FO Photography Credits

All sample finished objects were handmade and photographed by FC Knits, with the following exceptions - credited here, and on the various pattern pages:

Cabled Mug Cosy: Aelys; Rhianna Bucket Bag: Kybosh.