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Diamond Pattern Soap Sock

Needles: 4mm (US: 6) straight needles, darning needle
Yarn: DK cotton yarn
Materials: none
Yardage: negligible

Knitted Cabled Mug Cozy
Directions: This soap sock (or soap cosy) is intended to compliment Jana Trent’s Diagonal Knit Dishcloth. Another name for 100% cotton yarn is dishcloth yarn. All directions in UK English; see abbreviations glossary for US English equivalents.

Cast on 28 sts
Row 1: knit
Row 2: k1, *yo, SKP; repeat from * to last st, k1
Rows 3-6: knit
Row 7: k1, *yo, SKP; repeat from * to last st, k1
Row 8: knit
Row 9: k2, *yo, SKP; repeat from * to end
Row 10: knit
Rows 11-30: repeat rows 7-10
Rows 31-34: knit

Either do a kitchener graft or bind off and sew the bottom seam together. Then, sew the side seam together. Use a length of yarn, or crochet a long chain, to thread through the eyelets (holes) at the top of the soap sock and knot the ends together – after threading the chain through.

This diamond pattern soap sock is quite roomy but you can easily increase or decrease the width by increasing or decreasing the cast on stitches in multiples of two. This pattern must be worked with an even number of stitches. If you want to change the length, you can increase or decrease the repeated rows (11-30) but you must end with a knit row.


k = knit
PSSO = pass slipped stitch over
SKP = "slip, knit, pass" or "s1, k1, psso", where the slipped stitch is slipped knit-wise
yo = yarn over
st(s) = stitch(es)